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My Facebook Formula ($49.97 Value)

In this e-book, you are going to learn the "nuts and bolts" on creating your Facebook fan page, promoting it, and as well as utilizing direct advertising on Facebook.

This will be a wholesome course especially for those of you who are completely NEW when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Video Marketing Blueprint six-video Course ($49.97 Value)

On this complete video course, you will discover the easy and proven secret formula for generating massive income using the power of video marketing.

It is an over-the-shoulder type of training.
It is a low-cost method.
It is a tech-free implementation.

It also means that all you need to do is to watch, and at the same time, do your video marketing campaign in minutes.

The Power of Gratitude ($19.97 Value)

The Power of Gratitude is a "must-have" e-book. It shares the fundamentals of appreciating the simple things that you experience in life, like the fresh, cold air you breathe in the cold morning, among other things.

When you truly understand the power of gratitude in your life, you will look at life in a new perspective. It means that bad things happen, whether it's about your finances, your work, your spouse, and etc. will not completely affect the inner peace you have obtained in seeing the good in everything. Read the book.

Raising Children Who Succeed ($19.97 Value)

A lot of parents worry about their children's future. It could also be about their lives, friends, thoughts, school, and much more. In fact, some parents become paranoid with the safetiness of their children because of having the idea of how cruel and harsh the real world is.

The question is... "How do you raise a leader?"

After you read this e-book, you will understand that a true leader is MADE, not born. It also means that everything that you do from now on will either build your children for success or failure in their lives.

Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing ($39.97 Value)

Doing business online is one of the HARDEST things in life. In fact, studies have shown that 95% of businesses DO NOT survive the first year when in business.

The question is... "Are you ready for the challenges you'll have to face in business?"

When you understand that everything that you do will affect the outcome of your business, you know that you are the ONE who is responsible for its successes or failures. On this e-book, you will learn exactly what you need to do to SURVIVE the first year.

Time Management Strategies For Knowledge Worker ($39.97 Value)

We all have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Some people can accomplish a whole lot of tasks in ONE day while others are barely passed by their time on NOT accomplishing anything at all.

The question is... "How are you able to accomplish TWICE more work in one-third of your time?"

On this e-book, you will discover the time bandit, distractions, and as well as interruptions that you may be facing on a daily basis. It will also allow you to effectively delegate every workload that you have.

This would allow you to work less, make more, and truly enjoy your life.

Procrastinating Your Procrastination ($19.97 Value)

Procrastination is one of the MAIN reasons why many people feel depressed in life. It kill the creative atmosphere that they could be spending doing something productive. It destroys every chance that they have to be *genuinely* contented again.

Basically, you will live your life full of unaccomplished dreams that will never seem to bear fruit. On this e-book, you will learn how to remove procrastination, naturally.

Sponsoring Secrets ($29.97 Value)

Sponsoring Secrets allows you to have a winning mindset on attracting the right audience for your business. It also allows you to understand the human physicology, what phrases to use when talking to your potential clients, as well as what you need to do to have your prospects to agree and say "YES" to you.

Think and Grow Rich in The Knowledge Era ($19.97 Value)

Even though "Think and Grow Rich in The Knowledge Era" has a similiar name with the Napoleon Hill book, but the truth is, it mainly focuses more onto teaching you how to become a better network marketer.

It shows you in full detail from how to approach your prospects, what to say to them, as well as how to do the right closings.

Get Out Of Debt...Free! ($19.97 Value)

Debt is a major issue for a lot of individuals these days. The issue is, even if they know they want to get out of it, they have a difficult time figuring out how to begin.

But if you feel like you just don't know how to start, this product is designed to give you a kind of guide — one that ought to be adjusted to fit your financial situation.

Lessons From The Intelligent Investor ($19.97 Value)

Statistics conclude that 72% of workers will only be able to replace 45% of their income from Social Security and their 401(k) is combined. This is WORSE than what many have projected it to be.

On this e-book, you will learn the lessons from The Intelligent Investor. This will allow you to understand what and how they did to move from point A to point B, later on resulting of them being successful in the field of investment.

Power Attraction, Power Play! ($19.97 Value)

There are a million kinds of energies emanating from man. The problem is that NOT many people understand how to use this kind of spiritual powers within them.

When you read "Power Attraction, Power Play!", you will understand what you need to do to apply these greater powers inside you. This way, you are able to become richer, more powerful, and worthy in front of your audience's eyes.

Mars And Venus Battles - The Cyber Arena! ($19.97 Value)

This e-Book shows you that men and women are fundamentally different and we need to understand and accept these differences.

We need to understand that there are different things that we look for in life, and even in a relationship, there are different things that a man and a woman look for in each other.

If this one fundamental law of nature is kept in mind, then both genders would be able to live in better harmony with each other. Realizing our differences, we would be in better stead in becoming a unified whole.

How To Can Tangy Tomatoes Yourself? ($19.97 Value)

The e-book has been thoughtfully-written, designed and compiled so that newbie canners like you can easily understand the fundamentals of canning and preservation easily and accurately.

If you are utterly curious on how to can tangy tomatoes for winter, this e-book will help you in all ways possible.

'Think Green, Act Green' Handbook For Earth-friendly People ($19.97 Value)

Basically, A complete 'Think Green, Act Green' Handbook For Earth-friendly People is an e-book that attempts to educate the common masses about the green lifestyle and how it can reverse ecological degradation.

The book is literally complete with practical suggestions on green living which anybody can implement in his/ her own lifestyle.

Healing: Inside Out And Outside In Finding Zen Through Spiritual Healing ($19.97 Value)

Practicing spiritual wellness is one of the keys to living a life of fulfillment, success, peace, love, prosperity, and joy.

At the same, you don’t get to this level of enlightenment overnight. It requires discipline, patience and acceptance. But the advantages are definitely are worth all the efforts you put into it.

Applying The 7 Habits In Holistic Personal Development! ($34.97 Value)

This e-book is based on the inspiration of Stephen Covey, the author of "The Seven Habits of Highly-effective People".

o The only differences are, it goes a little deeper into what you can do to improve your health, relationship, professional life, and living a successful life. Basically, it will help you in such a way where you are able to see the VISION in your life more vividly, and do something to improve it for the better.

Quick and Easy Blogger SEO Code Mods ($19.97 Value)

This e-book allows you to discover the secrets of top bloggers on getting loads of organic traffic from their search engines.

In addition to that, it will also include the techniques where you can use Facebook's *Like* button as a way to gain more traffic to your website. It is that COOL!

Spyware Removal Tricks and Advice ($29.97 Value)

A large percentage of the population who use the internet are average people who mind their own business. However there is a small minority which, unfortunately, is growing in numbers, and who are not so average at all.

These people are what we refer to as "Hackers", and they invade you computer with the means of a SPYWARE.

They are undetectable, relentless and will do whatever it takes to access your private stuff, from bank accounts, credit card information, login access to different sites and much more. Read the e-book to learn ways on how to prevent and remove these spyware programs inside your computer.

Mega Money Emails - 35 Seductive, Relationship-Building, List-Bonding, Pre-Selling And Money Spewing Emails ($29.97 Value)

The title says it all. Basically, you will receive 35 pre-written emails where you will be able to build relationships with your list as well as pre-selling with your audience.

Red Zone CPA System - $300 Per Day OFFLINE Using CPA Offers ($49.97 Value)

On the Red Zone CPA System, you will learn the methods from a college kid on what he did to receive instant floods of traffic to his CPA websites.

In addition to that, you will also learn what markets you need to tap into, how to create a back-door landing page, as well as steps you need to take to cash in from giving away free stuff to your audience.

IM Mindset Formula ($19.97 Value)

It is a fact that you are going to face a lot of challenges in your Internet Marketing business. It could be the issues regarding with your customer support, product creation, getting traffic to your website, and much more.

The problem with most marketers is that they can't really stand the pressure coming their way. They feel like they're LEFT ALONE in the dark, in many cases they end up giving up on their online dream business. This e-book will show you how to become EXTREMELY motivated regardless of what obstacles you may face in your life.

Alpha Dog Internet Marketer - How To Be Ahead Of The Pack And Lead The Way ($29.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn what you need to do to become the alpha dog Internet Marketer. It also means that you will always find a way to SOLVE the problems and obstacles you may face in your business even IF it seems like a DEAD-END road. This is exactly what you wll become.

Quick Wordpress Websites For Beginners ($29.97 Value)

This is a very useful guide for those of you who have no idea on how to set-up your own wordpress blog.

In addition, it shows you the baby steps such as: finding the right kind of hosting, installing your wordpress themes, and choosing the right plugin for your blog. This will include the Facebook "Like" button, SEO package, blog stat, and some other cool plugins that are really essential in having for your business.

WP Covert Linkz Wordpress Plugin ($24.97 Value)

This is a VERY cool plug-in you must have on your blog to prevent someone stealing your affiliate commission.

-> Enter your link title keyword
-> Enter ANY link under the Affiliate Link Column
-> Click Save Links.

That's all it takes.

Evergreen Motivation ($19.97 Value)

Evergreen Motivation is the e-book you need to read to become a highly-motivated individual in your life.

It allows you to become unstoppable, laser-focused on your goal, whilst increasing your knowledge on personal skills, as well as helping you in becoming an effective leader in your industry.

Breakthrough Experiential Growth ($19.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn how to surpass your fear, your anxiety, as well as things that block you from getting what you want in life.

It allows you to become the "powerful" YOU, where you are able to achieve massive success and fully engage in everything you do. This allows you to overcome every impossible obstacles in life.

The 90-10 Financial Secret ($19.97 Value)

The 90-10 financial secret allows you to learn what you need to do to invest 90% of your income while living only with 10%.

It talks in full details about creating assets, passive incomes, and what you need to do to live a fulfilling life starting TODAY.

40 Cures For Hangovers ($14.97 Value)

A hangover describes the sum of unpleasant physiological effects following heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The most commonly reported characteristics of a hangover include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, lethargy, dysphoria, diarrhea and thirst, typically after a while the intoxicating effect of the alcohol begins to wear off.

On this e-book, you will find 40 different cures for reducing the effects of a hangover ASAP. This allows you to start living your life instead of wasting days of your life trying to remove the intoxicating effects from your body the hard way.

Divorce Prevention Rescue Mission ($24.97 Value)

On this e-book, you are going to learn what you need to do to prevent divorce in your married life. This will even apply even IF your spouse has been holding an adulterous affair.

It also means that you will know what you need to say, and understand the differences, how to solve the situation, as well as how to recreate that spark in your marriage, rekindling the old happy memories you've had at your honeymoon.

A Worry-Free Car Care Manual For Every Driver ($19.97 Value)

On this e-book, We have included all the essential car care points that will help a car owner in preventing mishaps and other unpleasant situations.

Each system of the automobile has been addressed separately so that people who are not so well versed with the essential motor technicalities also get to form a fairly good idea about what they are about and how they work.

How To Champion the Art of Flash Photography ($19.97 Value)

On this e-book, We have included all the essential car care points that will help a car owner in preventing mishaps and other unpleasant situations.

Each system of the automobile has been addressed separately so that people who are not so well versed with the essential motor technicalities also get to form a fairly good idea about what they are about and how they work.

Valentine's Day Magic ($19.97 Value)

Valentine's Day is a magical time of year where we are given the opportunity to share our love with the one who truly gives meaning to our lives.

To come up with novel ideas and think of something completely different to do on Valentine's Day can be a headache. This is why when you read this e-book, you will have the idea on what you need to do to come out with the creative valentine day. -- It will work even if you have kids or on a shoestring budget.

Multi Level Marketing Tips to Success ($19.97 Value)

Approximately 56 million people all over the world run their own MLM business. Many known brands – Trump Network, Zrii, Amway, Melaleuca, Herbalife and Revolucion.

The question is... "How do you run a successful multi-level marketing business yourself?" Read this e-book where the author shares with you what you need to to develop the skills to have others to become your downline in your business.

Life Coaching and Motivation ($19.97 Value)

Although most people claim to understand the importance of setting goals to enhance one’s lifestyle, almost 80% of the people do not possess concrete plan.

Worse, out of the 20% who claim to have goals, 70% fail to achieve them. On the "Life Coaching and Motivation" e-course, you will learn how to create the your goal as well as follow through with it. It will also help you to remove the self-limiting belief that has been holding your back.

PLR Video Profits ($39.97 Value)

The PLR Video Profits course was specifically designed for those people who would like to make massive cash by selling private label right products.

It starts at the very beginning, by explaining what private label (PLR) videos are and how you can use them to their advantage. It helps them understand how they can be used to attract more customers, build a solid brand and increase their profits at the same time.

Easy Quick Cash System ($39.97 Value)

Easy Quick Cash System is focusing more into the website flipping method. The way it works will be more into creating a website with PLR products, add some spices onto your bonuses, and selling it on ebay.com.

Basically, when you do it correctly, you can have your website up and running as well as listed on eBay in a matter of days.

Facebook Rockstar System with eight videos ($49.97 Value)

Facebook Rockstar System is a powerful tool for newbies who are interested in knowing more on how they can advertise on Facebook, get a targeted audience, creating Facebook fan pages, and etc.

It includes eight videos that will allow you to simply follow each step-by-step tutorial on what you need to know to start getting massive traffic from Facebook advertising.

Sneaky Traffic Methods ($19.97 Value)

This e-course provides you with the information on how to get free traffic from "Fiverr" as well as "Yahoo! Answer".

On top of that, it will also show you some sneaky secrets in getting massive traffic with tweeting and answering your customer requests. Of course, there are other "sneaky" traffic methods the author did NOT dare to discuss in public as they are too powerful to share. :-)

The Customer Magnet ($39.97 Value)

As you may have already known, top marketers are targeting local "brick and mortar" businesses. In fact, this is the reason WHY you've heard of many marketers talking about on how they made thousands of dollars from providing services to offline companies.

On this e-book, you will find 21 steps to ensure that your business will dominate Google's local search results. Make sure to read it and start applying to your business asap.

Internet Business Basics ($19.97 Value)

This is a newbie guide for those of you who don't have the slightest clue about doing Internet Business.

It talks about copywriting, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and pay per click advertising. The best part about this guide is it doesn't contain and use any black hat method as well as anything in the grey area. So, you do not have to worry about being blacklisted by major search engine companies.

Corner The Local Search Engine Market ($29.97 Value)

This e-course will show you the four-step processes on capitalizing from Google local search.

It will be extremely useful for those of you who are interested in monetizing from brick and mortar businesses. It gives you the understanding on what you can do to help your clients get listed on google, FAST.

30 Amazing E-mail Marketing Tactics ($29.97 Value)

In this e-book, you will be able to learn the strategies to get more subscribers, more sales, as well as building a powerful relationship with your audience.

In addition, you will learn how to write emails to get massive cash, create strong headlines, make your call to actions clear, as well as give your audience a sense of leadership. It is that powerful.

Affiliate Marketing Power ($29.97 Value)

This e-book is a complete A to Z guide on how to show you what you can do in making money online by selling other people's products.

It covers all the information you need from choosing the right niche, finding products, creating your website store upfront, getting traffic, and as well as building powerful relationships with your audience.

Article Brokering ($49.97 Value)

This guide will show you how to charge more money for each article you have written. Instead of the traditional $1 per article, where you CANNOT survive, this e-book will show you what you need to do to start pricing it at $3 per article.

It will also show you how to creativly create the contents, how to persuade potential buyers for your articles, and as well as how you can sufficiently monetize from JUST doing article writing.

Create Your Own Affiliate Army ($49.97 Value)

Affiliate Army is a powerful e-course that will show you how to persuade other people to sell your product on auto-pilot.

It also means that you can get a NON-STOP traffic to your website where people will be more than happy to sell your products ASAP. -- HECK, with this, you DON'T even have to worry about traffic.

Money Madness For The 21st Century ($29.97 Value)

This e-book will show you how to focus on your "Inner Core" desire on getting the financial freedom you have been aiming for in life.

In addition, you will also learn what you need to do to AVOID all kinds of temptations that are taking away your chances on becoming successful in your life. This will allow you to remove all the barriers that hinder you, and stop you from focusing on living your dream.

Time Management Mastery ($29.97 Value)

Everyone is always busy. These involves jobs, school, careers and family management. Each one has 24 hours a day to accomplish certain things on a daily basis. The problem is that, people most of the timeare really doing things that are unproductive.

With "Time Management Mastery", you will learn what it takes to productively get the most out of your day. It allows you to have a balanced life where you can spend time with your family, friends, business, partners, "meme" time, and etc.

Network Marketing Resolutions ($29.97 Value)

Many network marketers, even a few of the most successful, haven't truly thought through on what they’ve done or ought to do.

Instead, they’ve locked onto an incoherent mixture of bits they’ve heard or learned here and there. They’ve borrowed alleged success principles from other people, who in turn borrowed from yet other people, and so on.

On this e-book, we will show you how to do it the reverse way, where you can focus on setting-up your goal as well as focusing your attention on getting into the diamond level in the networking company that you're concentrating on.

List Building Resolution ($29.97 Value)

Based on many marketing firms, each subscribers that you have is equal to $1 - $1.50 per month for your business.

This is the reason WHY many marketers are taking massive repercussions on building subscribers for their business. This is exactly what you are going to learn from this e-book. It will shows you the baby steps on the type of lists that you need to build, the squeeze pages, and up to cashing out from your subscriber base.

Affiliate Marketing Resolution ($19.97 Value)

This guide will show you what you need to do on becoming a top affiliate marketer within 12 months. It shows you from the "basic" steps on becoming an affiliate of other marketers, setting-up your website, and up to becoming the TOP DOG in any industry you choose to tap into.

Headlines That Sell ($19.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will master the art of creating a powerful headline for your sales letter. Why is this important?

Headlines are the "reason" people read the rest of the information you are about to share with your audience. IF you pay attention to all those magazines and newspapers you've read in the past, you know that headlines are the major reason WHY people are determined to purchase the product or not. Read the e-book to create powerful headlines for your sales letter.

Headlines That Sell ($19.97 Value)

The title says it ALL. :-)

This software allows you to have your website indexed within 24 hours or less. You just need to fill in a few information, choose the search engine you would like to submit, and click the submit button. That's all it takes.

Web Stats Ninja Software ($39.97 Value)

Web Stats Ninja will analyze any list of specific sites quickly for you. In addition, it allows you to know the page rank of your competitors' website, alexa ranking, and other research tools that will allow you to rank high on search engines.

Furthermore, it will even allow you to track unlimited websites where you are able to know what you need to do to be able to outsmart your competitors in particular keywords.

Google Tools to Help Marketers Succeed ($29.97 Value)

This e-course will give you all the Google tools you need to become successful on building a successful business on the Internet.

Most of the tools are free to use. This includes resources that allow you to analyze your website, do keyword researches, current trends, and allows you to alert your customers on updates, and etc. -- You've got to have it!

Article Marketing Secret Tips and Tricks ($29.97 Value)

Article Marketing tips and tricks talk about what you need to get link back to your website with the power of articles.

To be precise, it is more onto teaching your audience how to get gain high quality external links where you are able to get massive traffic to your website from certain keyword phrases.

Templates In-A-Box V2 ($99.97 Value)

Here's the full list of features for these themes:
  • Wordpress 3.x compatible - all themes were created using the latest version of Artisteer
  • Widget ready - just drag and drop your preferred widgets
  • Top and bottom widget areas - you can use them for all kind of ads
  • Up to 4 footer widget areas
  • No sidebar page template - can be used for salesletters
It is all yours, INCLUDED!

Authority Anthem ($19.97 Value)

A lot of people are living their life bathed in darkness. They have no idea why they're here and what they are doing. All they just do in life is work on the same routine that are pretty much unhelpful in leading them to get anywhere in life.

With "Authority Anthem", you will learn how to take command of your own life and learn to make crystal clear decisions. This allows you to become the DRIVER of your life.

Affiliate Blogging 12-video course ($49.97 Value)

With Affiliate Blogging Videos you will learn the exact tactics and strategies used by top affiliate bloggers to dominate niche markets and squeeze every last penny out of everyone with very little work.

It will show you with step-by-step tutorial how to start out with clickbank products, commission junction, cloak your affiliate link, using facebook, wordpress, and make massive cash on selling affiliate products through your blog.

The Niche Blog Profitz Six-Video Course ($39.97 Value)

Here's what The Niche Blog Profitz Course will show you:
  • How to build niche blogs and make money from them
  • How to choose the right subject for you
  • How to do deadly effective keyoword research (no fluff no watse)
  • How to get indexed in Google FAST
  • Where to get traffic (this is VITAL and so many so called blogging course just leave it out)
  • The various methods of monetizing your blogs
  • Where to sell your niche blogs once they're 'ripe' for three four and five figure sums on a regular basis
  • How to decide which blogs to keep for your passive income and which to flip when you need a lump-sum amount

German/English Traveler Phrases ($29.97 Value)

Travelling to Germany? Fearing that you may get lost in the middle of the streets and don't know where to go to? Well, worry no more. :-)

In this package, you will receive a complete German- to-English powerpoint document translator, especially for those of you who would like to travel to Germany and be able to properly communicate with the people there. It will show you how to say "Guten Morgen", "Guten Tag" properly in their native dialect, and much more.

Spanish/English Traveler Phrases ($29.97 Value)

How about travelling to Spain? Fearing that you may get lost in the middle of the streets and don't know where to go to ? Well, worry no more. :-)

In this package, you will receive a complete Spanish- to-English powerpoint document translator for those of you who would like to travel and be able to properly converse and communicate with the people in Spain. It will show you how to say "iHola", "Buenos días", "Hasta luego" in their native dialect, and much more.

10 Online Marketing eBooks ($39.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive 10 online marketing ebooks in both PDF and MS Word formats. These e-books are loaded with powerful content which you can use to properly build relationships with your audience.

In addition, these packages touch deeply into the methods of utilizing article marketing, advertising ideas, back-end marketing offers, backlinking strategies, and etc. You can even say that this is one comprehensive package you should be possessing in your marketing library.

11 Car Insurance eBooks ($39.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive 11 Car Insurance ebooks in both PDF and MS Word formats. You can use the information in this package as a way to educate your audience on how they can get cheap insurances for their cars.

On top of that, you will be able to provide the knowledge to your audience on what they need to AVOID when choosing the right kind of insurance for their cars. This way, they'll only have to pay the essetials rather than the additional, unnecessary prices for their car insurance.

350 Powerful Self-Help Tips & Tactics ($29.97 Value)

If you are curently dealing with self-improvement, this package will be able to help you build bonded and mutual relationships with your audience and share all 350 tips and tactics to also improve themselves in one way or another.

It covers some tips on how you can have a healthier lifestyle, become more spiritual, and be able to properly manage your time, having a broad vision for your future, a wealthier mindset, and much more.

Guide To The Best WSOs ($4.97 Value)

This package will give you some of the best Warrior Special Offer guides you can purchase online.

3 Home And Finance eBooks ($4.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive three e-books that will teach you how to remodel your house, avoid foreclosures, and as well as tips on selling your house.

This will be a good additional bonus for you to own, especially if you're targeting those people who are into housing and real estate, and also learn how to refinance houses, and as well as knowing how the Foreclosure Market works, and be able to use it in your own advantage.

Pets eBook Set [3 eBooks] ($19.97 Value)

Dog-training courses are one of the hottest niches where there are a little over 2,000,000 searches are done here per month. This is the reason why many marketers are primarily focusing in this market. It's HUGE and these are the products many dog owners are searching for.

You can even say that many dog owners treat their pets like their very own children. This is the reason why they look for guides to improve training their dogs to stop barking when the owners are busy, and as well as helping their pets to stay healthier and well-groomed.

When you download this package, you will have access to three ebooks where you will also be able to market your products to fellow dog owners ASAP.

Better Public Speaking ($14.97 Value)

As a good public speaker, you have to be able to stand in front of a large audience unafraid, and not feeling nervous. You also have to be CONFIDENT when standing in front of your audience, where you can gain their TRUST, making them believe that every word you're saying is the truth, and being able to convince them that you definitely know what you're talking about, and that you are good at it.

The question is: "How do you get rid of your fear in speaking in front of multitudes of people, and effectively become a good public speaker?"

In this e-book, you will learn how to: -Get rid of your fear in speking in public -Make a fluent and convincing speech -Keep your audience attentive, inspiring them to listen to you -Create your speech without the aid of powerpoints, avoiding panic attacks, and as well as how to get a standing ovation afterwards.

Offline Marketing Magic ($29.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn how to properly and professionally approach your clients via email, phone, and in person.

In addition, you will also be able to learn on how to get clients, build email lists, and to convince potential clients to pay your services at the price of $3,000 - $5,000 per month.

Juggernaut CB ($49.97 Value)

This one is a HOT package. It can allow you to dominate 25 hot clickbank products in less than 23 hours. When you unzip this package, you will receive a mindmap for each product. This would allow you to know what you need to do cash-in BIG from each product.

Furthermore, you will also receive various article contents that you can use for product reviews, create blog posts, as well as ways to dominate YouTube, while using the keywords we have shared with you. You just need to name it. -- It is definitely a HUGE package.

Click And Call Pro Wordpress Plugin ($49.97 Value)

With Click & Call Pro, you can instantly install a button to any WordPress blog, allowing all your potentialS customers to simply call you from Skype as well as any Android phone device by the click of a button.

This is a very amazing tool, especially for those of you who are selling retailer products, consulting services, as well as any other service that requires personal communication.

Five Professional Custom Minisite Templates ($39.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive five professional custom minisite templates that will allow you to have a professional-looking website for your business. This are cool template especially for those of you who are targeting Google Adsense, blogging, and internet marketing.

Music Search Engine Script ($39.97 Value)

This is a script that allows you to create your own search engine on music-related niches. Here's How It Works:
  • Set up your Music Search Engine
  • Put free or inexpensive ads
  • People will then come and visit your Music Search Engine
  • They buy, you make money
  • It's also completely automated
  • All orders are processed for you
  • And you never have to talk to sell to anyone
Press Release Power ($29.97 Value)

In this e-book, you will be able to maximize your press release experience where it will help you land interviews for magazines, major television programs, newspapers, radios, and etc.

It covers all the details on how to write a press release, what keywords you need to use to attract major medias, and how you can create a viral marketing for your business.

How to Cope After a Broken Relationship ($24.97 Value)

A breakup with someone that you love could be very devastating. Sometimes, it could even cause a severe depression wherein a person would start to mentally, emotionally, and physically shut down. This could lead to a long and painful battle to be able to properly get back on track.

In this e-book, you will learn how to recover and move on as soon as possible from a broken relationship. This will include ways to remove depression, anger, and as well as ways on how to get back with your ex.

Facebook/Farmville/Twitter Special Reports Package ($24.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive special guides on how to make cash from Facebook, Farmville, and Twitter. Though majority of the people know the powerful influence of Facebook and Twitter on the internet, the "real" question is: "What about Farmville?"

Well, Farmville is the coolest and most addictive game on Facebook. It has a little over 73.5 million users. Instead of talking about how you can monetize from this, read the e-book inside this package on how you can monetize from the Farmville revolution.

9 Ways To Resist Getting Your Ex Back Special Reports Package ($9.97 Value)

On this crash course, you will receive nine ways to remove your temptations in getting back with your ex-girlfriend.

Even if you do, you will still be a completely different person, where you will be able to focus more into what you would truly want out of that relationship.

Forex Special Reports Package ($9.97 Value)

In this e-guide, you will learn the basic concepts of Forex trading. It will talk in full details on what "Forex" is all about, how you can tap into chinese stock options, and what you can do to profit big from Forex trading.

Instant Clickbank Store Script ($49.97 Value)

In this package, you will receive a script that will allow you to create your clickbank store just by inserting your Affiliate ID.

This will allow you make up to 75% for every clickbank product you sell on your store. You don't need to have your own database. You can also make money with Adsense with this. The best part is, It is already installed with the Social Bookmarking plugin. It is that cool.

Premium Niche Business Pack - Email Cash System ($9.97 Value)

This is the blog template for those of you who focuses more into email marketing.

Premium Niche Business Pack - Get Your Ex Back ($9.97 Value)

This is the blog template you can use for those of you who are focusing more into marketing with people who would like to know on how they could get their exes back.

Premium Niche Business Pack - Traffic Supercharged ($9.97 Value)

This is the blog template you can use for those of you who are focusing more into marketing with people who would like to know how to get traffic to their websites.

Plus... 10 Extra Bonuses (Limited Time Only!)

Domain Sniper ($19.97 Value)

Public Domain is the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to make money on the internet.

Big names like Walt Disney and Ted Turner use public domain to amass fortunes, so why shouldn't you? Follow their footsteps and start building your own paycheck from freely available books, ebooks, photographs, songs, movies and other media. (Read "Domain Sniper" to find out how you can do it as well!)

Twitter Wonder Tactics ($19.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn the simple and easy techniques on harnessing massive profit from Twitter.

On top of that, it will also allow you to understand what it takes to build massive followers, drive traffic to your website, and use twitter as a way to communicate with your customers.

Squeeze Page Guru ($29.97 Value)

Every relationship starts from a squeeze page. It also means that if you do NOT have a powerful squeeze page, you do NOT really have a way to get subscribers for your business. The question is.. "How do you create a squeeze page that converts?"

When you read "Squeeze Page Guru", you will learn the BASIC fundamentals on creating powerful squeeze pages that will help you build massive followers for your business.

Domain Name Dominator Software ($39.97 Value)

This software allows you to search through expired domain names which have backlinks in them that you can purchase at a cheap price.

This is extremely important especially for those marketers who are always eager to get high traffic ranking from search engines. The best part is you just need to click, enter the keyword you would like to dominate, and press the submit button. That's it.

Fat Free Forever ($34.97 Value)

This 120-page e-course covers all the information you'll need to know which will allow you to know what it will take to lose weight and maintain your fit forever.

It covers in great detail starting from mindset, visualization, self-hypnosis, fat-free foods, exercises, and much more. We can even say that it is a all-in-one guide for people who would like to live a fat-free life.

Self Defense 101 ($24.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn the 101 versions of self-defense. This includes those people who have no experience in any form of martial arts training.

This is a good guide especially for women who are in need of protecting themselves from unsafe neighborhoods and as well as those people who have to walk back home in the darkness of the night, where evildoers are lurking, preying on defenseless potential victims.

6 Simple Rules Of Power ($24.97 Value)

This course will show you how to change your six simple habits and your life forever.

It talks in great detail on what you need to do to have succesful mental pictures, cancelling the negatives, dealing with difficulties, being yourself, and developing self-respect. Basically, you will be able to help yourself to be in the position of power of overcoming problems in life.

80/20 Magic ($24.97 Value)

On this e-book, you will learn how you can get 80% of the results in life with only 20% of the effort in anything you want to accomplish.

It could be your business, your relationship, your marriage, and etc. When you understand the *real* power of 80/20 magic, you will work less and alter the course of your life.

Bird Watching For Beginners ($24.97 Value)

Bird watching is a sport that has been around for years. In fact, today, bird watching is the second fastest growing hobby in America, bested only by gardening.

This e-book is a crash course in the basics of bird watching or “birding”. You'll be well on your way to greater enjoyment of the world around you since birding focuses on some of the most spectacular creatures on earth.

The Force Of Fulcrums ($24.97 Value)

A fulcrum is the pivot point for a lever. Therefore, whenever you wish to properly utilize leverage, then, you'll need to place the fulcrum in the right place.

If you utilize this your fulcrum is placed based on your cognition, skills, and ability. The levers that you utilize (or the resources that you utilize) are dependent on these elements. -- It is a deeper level of understanding your thought and how you can alter it to change your life forever.

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