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It is the FACT that you need to have your own products to build relationship with your audience. The problem is it takes too much time to create your own products. Worse, before you are able to complete your product, you will be running out of cashflow. The question is... "What if you have ONE source where you can download hundreds of products and resell them for cheap?" What if you can have high-quality products you can resell and keep 100% of the profit?" Well, here is the truth...

"You Can Have ALL 55 337 Brand-New Resale Rights Packages, Worth OVER $13,789, Including 57 Bonus Packages For Just One Very Low Price"

You may even think that this is a crazy offer. How on earth does Henry Gold Give Away 337 Brand-New Packages, including the Master Resale Rights, for just one very LOW cost, while other marketers charge at least $97 for each package or even monthly fees for just 1 E-book per month. The truth is you can have access to all Resale Rights Packages that I paid over $13,789 for, so you can start your business right away.

"Just By Selling One Of The Packages, You Will Have
Already Doubled Your Investment"

Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Friday, 7:57 AM

Dear Internet Friends,

My name is Henry Gold (Pen Name). I've been making a living on the net since 1999. During that period, I've been asked several times by my clients, the right way and easiest way to make money with Resale Rights products.

In 2001, I decided to work on a project where I'd try to resell other marketers' products by acquiring their Resale Rights.

"After Spending Over $5,000 On Others' Products, I Decided I Was A Total FOOL Reselling These Products Where The Authors Are The Beneficiaries, NOT ME"

I discovered that many of the resale products I purchased only included Resale Rights, not Master Resale Rights.

That means, you are obligated to follow the author's rules, where you MUST:

1. Sell each product separately
2. NOT include the product as part of your bonuses
3. NOT sell the product below suggested price
4. NOT change the name of the product
plus more...

It's a very unfair business practice, since you, as Resale Rights owner do not have full control over the pricing issue.

The authors are making huge profits by selling you the Resale Rights products at a very high price, in addition, you're helping them to:
  1. Get more free publicity, and increase their credibility by reselling their products.
  2. Maintain the quality of their products with their pricing guidelines.

Let me ask you this question: "Who is actually the real winner in this game?"

OF COURSE the authors, NOT YOU!

=> Aren't you totally fed up with this my friend?

I am and I know you are too.

No wonder you can't make any money by reselling the Resale Rights Package alone.

"Read Further And You'll Learn The Exact Secrets
I Mastered To Make Massive Cash In Just 30 Days
With Resale Rights Packages"

After the $5,000 mistake I made, I wised up...

In the last six months, I have purchased a tremendous number of high quality software products and 100s of E-books, including Master Resale Rights. Even though it cost me over $13,789, I am totally happy with it.

I am able to do anything with all the Resale Rights, packages that I obtained.

Here are some of the advantages you obtain when purchasing the Resale Rights packages, including Master Resale Rights for each product:

You can sell each package for any price.
You can sell the "Master Resale Rights" at a high price.
You can sell each package individually or as a bundle.
You can give each package away as part of your bonuses.
You can give each package away when visitors sign up for your newsletter.
You can use each package yourself, as most of the software I obtained will be a very powerful tool for your Internet business.

You see...

It's such an incredible bonus to have Resale Rights packages that you have the TOTAL right to.

You now know that if you have all the advantages that I mentioned above, it's very easy to make massive cash every single month in the next 60 days, isn't it?

Guess what?

Today, you can have it all. -:)

Let's break all the rules, shall we....

"You Can Have All, Not 1, 10, 50, Or Even 100, But 337
Brand-New Resale Rights Products, That Cost Me
Over $13,789, For Just One Very Low Price..."

I know most of you are very skeptical, and I can almost hear you saying:

  1. C'mon, Henry... Stop the sales pitch.
  2. Don't bull me, Henry... 337 brand new Resale Rights packages... Is that really a high quality product?

I know some of you might consider my sales letter a sales pitch, but think about it this way... There is no such thing as a "FREE LUNCH"

You can obtain many free e-books on the internet. Unfortunately, those E-books that other marketers provide for FREE are not useful at all and have already reached saturation point.

If you try to sell them to your audience, you may be very disappointed with the result.

If you are still worried about me trying to sell to you, please stop reading any further, this information is not for you.

However, whether you're open-minded or skeptical as to whether you will receive a high quality product or not, you should know that...

All the products that I provide you with are VERY high-demand products, and still very little known to the public.

You can take a closer look at those 337 different Resale Rights packages, including lots of bonuses that I mention below...

"To See All 337 Packages That You Will Receive, Including 57 E-book Bonuses, That We Don't Disclose In This Page, Please Click Here"

Note: Due to the fact that we need to minimize the downloading time, we are being forced to not include all 57 bonus packages that you will receive on this page. For full description of those bonuses, please click here.

You can always click on full description on each section to see all packages including those bonuses.

As there is too much to include everything on this page, I am forced to break it down into 5 different sections.

SECTION #1 (Click here for full description)

These are 31 resale rights products that I recently acquired. They are 'must have' products for starting your business online. You'll receive this software including Resale Rights for each individual product.

PLUS... 10 More Bonuses available by clicking the above link.

SECTION #2 (Click here for full description)

Below you can find 27 resale rights products that you can resell individually. Feel free to take a look :)

PLUS... 10 More Bonuses available by clicking the above link.

SECTION #3 (Click here for full description)

Don't miss this one!! You can find exactly 51 resale rights packages including FREE Resale Rights to each product... Surely, you don't want to miss this!!

PLUS... 10 More Bonuses available by clicking the above link.

SECTION #4 (Click here for full description)

79 resale rights packages + 7 additional packages you can resale right away.....

PLUS... 10 More Bonuses available by clicking the above link.

SECTION #5 (Click here for full description)

112 resale rights packages including Resale Rights for each individual software. I know you wont want to miss this deal.

PLUS... 10 More Bonuses available by clicking the above link.

Special Section (Click here for full description)

I have asked many Internet Marketers to provide you with products that you can resell over and over again. I know you will love what you see.

Below, you'll find 32 E-books with Master Resale Rights, 60 Turnkey Packages and 2,000+ Special Reports that you can't get anywhere else.

PLUS... 7 More Bonuses to be found when you click the above link.

Note: To prevent the e-books in this "Special Section" from becoming too saturated, you will receive these 54 e-books, 161 Software PRO and 2,000+ Special Reports if you are one of the First 2,000 People who purchase this package.

This chart below will show you the break down of each package, number of bonuses you will receive in each section, as well as the value of each item, if you were to purchase it individually.'s Total Package
Section # of Packages # of Bonuses # of Reports Total Value
1  31 10 -   $570.74
2  27 10 -   $520.95
3  51 10 - $4,864.81
4  86 10 - $3,957.56
5 112 10 - $3,874.94
Special 92 7 2,000+ $6,719.00
Total 399 57 2,000+ $20,508.00

Those 399 Resale Rights packages, including 57 E-books and 2,000+ special reports that I mentioned above would cost you $20,508.00, if you were to purchase them separately.

Why pay another $ 20 for each E-book you obtain?
Why pay another $499 for Master Resale Rights?


In addition, we will also provide fast & friendly customer support, where each individual question will be answered within 24 hours or less.

Would $2,000 or even $3,000 be too much to pay for all these packages? The truth is I have spent over $20,508 and countless hours to put all this together, so you don't have to do all the gathering. ALL you have to do is download it and sell it to your audience immediately.

The entire "Resale-Right-Solution" package is only $ 97
(See below for an additional discount...)

Henry, Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Everyone knows how tiring it is to buy one Resale Rights product from one marketer after another. And when you saw this offer... you were thinking.... "Henry, you're out of your mind."

I can also hear you say, "I don't have to go to anywhere else for Resale Rights packages, while all the solutions are here..."

I was thinking to price this package at $97, to see how people would react to the pricing. And this was before I wanted to add the "Special section",... (Well, I put a lot of efforts onto creating this package for you)

I decided right then that many people were unable to afford the $97...

That's the reason I told my friend that it would be a good idea to price it at $47 one month ago, especially after it will really help you to get started online.

Extra 50% OFF

Here is a 'Special Offer' for you...

I was very tempting to price the offer at $97, as I am confident that I can outsell the competition.

However, as it is my intention to really "help you" to grow your business ASAP where I can receive a lot of success stories from peple like you, I have decided to do something a little bit unusual. Ready? :-)

Instead of pricing 337+ Resale Rights Packages at $47. When you grab it TODAY, you are able to obtain this complete solution at a STEAL, all for only $47 $10

Regular Price 47.00 Now $10

(You will receive Access Immediately, even if it is at 2 AM)

PLUS.... You'll Also Receive 75% Commission For Reselling

Is Henry Gold really insane? NO!

You see, I would like you to have not only those packages that I mentioned above, at a bargain price, but also your right to resell our packages to others.

"Sell Just Three Packages And You Get Your Money Back, Plus $12.46 Extra Income"

So, it's as easy as:

You get 337 packages for one low price
You get $7.48 per affiliate sale
You get an instant site such as this one
You get all the marketing tools* to promote our product
You recover your money by selling two packages, plus $12.46 extra profit.

* Marketing tools that we provide are Banner Ads, Email Messages to your subscriber lists, Solo Announcements, Top Sponsor & Classified Ads, Signature Files, and more.

We do all the dirty work for you, such as:

We give your clients the support they need
We provide all your clients with the download area
We answer all their email inquiries, etc.
We make sure all download links work properly
We make sure all your customers are happy with the package they buy

"Turn 10 Minutes Of Your Lunch Time Into
An Incredible Income"

# of Sales/day Weekly Revenue Annual Revenue
1 $52.34 $2,721.81
3 $157.02 $8,165.43
5 $261.70 $13,609.05
7 $366.38 $19,051.76

Keep in mind that these are your potential earnings for referring others on a weekly basis. Imagine what's possible when you get these minimal numbers week after week.

Do you see the potential here?
How much money you can earn by joining us today?

Wait! Here Are Something More...

As I want you to start focusing on building MASSIVE traffic, make massive cash, and start building a successful business online, I want to make sure that you have all the necessary resources and knowledge to really take your business to the next level.

This way, you can fight like the gorilla and maximizing your revenue selling resale right products in a shortest time possible. This is the reason I have decided to give you four exclusive bonuses (Worth $388) for a limited time:

Exclusive Bonus #1:
"Resale Rights Massive Cash Secrets 2.0
By: Karen Garn"

($97 Value)

On this Interview, Karen Garn *grilled* Henry Gold on what he did to make massive cash selling resale rights products. In fact, here are few benefits you will receive:
  • Two "slick secrets" you must know to build a successful online business --It doesn't matter how great your business plan is or how great your product is, if you FAIL to differentiate yourselves from the "average" marketer, your potential buyers are going to go elsewhere. There is NO reason why you should NOT be the one getting the sale.

  • One Underground Strategy used to AVOID losing potential buyers -- WARNING: Your audience doesn't care about you, they only care about what your Resale Rights Products can do for them. Listen to the strategies where Henry talks about the simple format you need to follow in order to take your subscribers from Island A to Island B.

  • The "core" elements used to protect your online reputation -- Listen for these "Area 51" secrets that can help you build your online business quickly and easily. Not only that, you can brand yourself as the expert and cash in on massive profits. DISCLAIMER: We can NOT guarantee you'll have the same results as it will depend on how you present your offer.

  • One Brutal Strategy used to turn subscribers into followers -- On this interview Henry shares how to FORCE your subscribers to continue buying your products month after month, even in an economic downturn. It won't matter what the price of your product is but, it is depending on this underground secret Henry shared with you on the call.

  • What is the ONE secret formula used to Maximize your profits? -- Karen gets Henry to share his most closely "guarded" secret he uses to generate even MORE cash from his resale rights product offers. Listen carefully as Henry tells you how this secret formula will help you build a list of dedicated followers and will help take your business to a higher level.

Exclusive Bonus #2:
"The Rebirth of Joint Venture 2.0
By: Eva Zahra"

($97 Value)

On this Interview, you will learn what it takes to get top marketers to say YES, Send 2,000 Visitors Each to Your Offer, and promote your products everytime you asked. It is a powerful concept that allows you to know what top marketers do to get UNLIMITED traffic to their websites month after month.

Here are few benefits you will receive, when you listen to "The Rebirth of Joint Venture 2.0":
  • What are the TWO benefits marketers are looking for BEFORE they say YES to you? -- It doesn't really matter how great your products are, IF you do NOT know these TWO fundamentals CODE marketers search for, they will say "NO" to you immediately. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.

  • Three "Sneaky" secrets you MUST apply in your persuasion to FORCE top marketers to say YES on endorsing to their entire list. -- These are the secrets strategies marketers in the "area 51" to literally have 90% of the marketers in their industry to promote their products. HINT: Henry shared on the call on what he did to get over 2,000+ partners on promoting his products in 10 days. (YEAP, it is only 10 days!)

  • Two "brutal" mistakes marketers make on approaching top marketers. -- We know that each top marketer that you get can equal to an extra 2,000 unique visitors for your product OFFER. However, WHEN you make these DEADLY mistakes, not only will they say NO to you, but those experts will also tell their friends to AVOID you all together. (Listen to 18:19s to AVOID these tragic incidents in your business!)

  • One underground secret you need to use to get UNLIMITED partners for your business -- This is the EXACT strategies Henry Gold used to QUIETLY get more and more partners to promote every product that he created. This is the reason one of the biggest reason on WHY every campaign that Henry ran, turned out to be a successful campaign. (Watch Step #4 to have every partners to promote your products, starting today!)

Exclusive Bonus #3:
"Make Quick Cash With Affiliate Marketing
By: Monika Morley"

($97 Value)

Affiliate marketing is a good combination with Resale Rights marketing. WHY? Let's just say you know how to get subscribers from giving away resale rights products. What's your next step to monetize FAST from your list? Two words: Affiliate Marketing.

On this Interview, Monika Morley has decided to show you what it takes to make quick cash by endorsing affiliate marketing. It covers in details from getting massive traffic, build your brand, up to cash out big from selling affiliate products.

Here are few benefits you will receive, when you listen to "Make Quick Cash With Affiliate Marketing":
  • One brutal mistake affiliate marketers make on losing their credentials all together. -- If you make this ONE deadly mistake, chances are you are going to be out of business in one year or less. NO EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. (Make sure that you listen to the part especially on 5:13s)

  • Three core secrets you MUST use to increase your sales conversion by 431.78% -- These secrets are what elite marketers in the "Area 51" kept to make sure that they keep cashing out from affiliate products, while you are being LEFT in the dark. NOTE: Off the record, Henry asked me to delete this part of the recording. However, after several persuasion, he said OK. (Download the recording now, before Henry changed his mind)

  • One "sneaky" secret Henry used to BUILD the relationship with his audience on an auto-pilot -- Even when he is on a vacation, people will still love him, respect him, and want to buy his product. HINT: It has NOTHING to do with follow-up messages. Instead, it has to do with the power of giving them the right ____ and _____. (Listen to 13:51s)

  • Two "forbidden" strategies Henry Gold used to have his subscribers keep BUYING every affiliate product that he recommends. -- When I listened to these secret society formula Henry shared with the audience, I had my first "AH-HA" moment. I was like... "Wow, I wished Henry would have just told me in private". I am confident it will help me to increase my revenue for at least TWICE if not TRIPLE.

Exclusive Bonus #4:
"Mastering Email Marketing 2.0
By: Sue McDonald"

($97 Value)

One of the key secrets to make massive cash with resale rights products are mastering the power of email marketing. Why is this important? You see, even though you can use resale rights products as a way to build your list, it doesn't necessary mean you are able to *motivate* your audience to purchase any product you recommend to them. WHY?

LOOK. There is a secret *button* in everything even with email marketing. You need to know what to say the right word, write the right sentence, as well as use call to action before your reader will do what you ask them to do. This is EXACTLY what you are going to learn on this Interview. In fact, to make even better, here are some benefits you will receive:
  • Two "forbidden Kingdom" secrets you MUST use to BUILD strong followers for your business -- This is very crucial. However, 99% of the marketers would NOT know how to do it right. In fact, when I spoke with Henry in private, many medium marketers that he talked with, are still asking for his advices on what Henry Gold did to get thousands of people to OPEN up his emails on each email that he broadcasts to his list. (Listen to 8:13s)

  • What is the ONE secret ingredient Henry Gold used to have 38.73% of his subscribers opened his emails? -- Even when Henry stopped communicate with his list for couple months, by using this ONE "area 51" secret, Henry was able to JACK UP his opening rate by more than 387.15%. All you need to do is _____ _____ to your subscribers. That's all it takes.

  • Three "do or die" techniques to literally sell your products at the price of $97, $497, $1,997, and even $4,997. -- When you don't apply these "underground" secrets correctly from the beginning, regardless how many subscribers you have, it would be impossible for YOU to increase your revenue by 784.53% or higher. -- HECK, you can EVEN forget about the idea of retiring rich and wealthy. (Listen to 27:14s)

  • One "deadly" mistake marketers use on building potential buyers for their business. -- This is what Henry referred to DANGEROUS. If you are already in these ZONE, make sure you use the "cure" secret Henry shared with you on this call. These allows you to get back on TRACK and boost your credentials in front of your audience in 7 days or less. It is that simple.

  • Two "sneaky secret" you MUST implement on your audience's brain, to PAY YOU $497 or even $4,997 for your offer. -- When you use these undeground society secrets from the beginning stage, your audience will NOT stop saying... "PLEASE CHARGE MY CREDIT CARDS". In fact, it is just very dangerous secrets that Henry has shared to the public. WHY? It is because you really can NOT STOP the incoming cash people would keep throwing at you even if you say "NO" to them. It is that SCARY!

  • And much, much more. -- It is as important as the rest!

I Have To Mention One More Thing

I want you to be as confident as I am. With so much hype on the Internet, where many sellers say they will deliver 400+ packages with Master Resale Rights, but in reality they never do. This is the reason I came up with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on product delivery or your money back.

In fact, To ensure that your satisfied with no skepticism on what you are going to receive out of this complete package, I want to give you...

My 110% Satisfaction, No-Hassle,
Full 60-Day Money Back

I personally guarantee that you will receive every package that is mentioned above, including those special bonuses, if you grab your package right now.

But if you're not 100% satisfied at any time 60 days after your purchase let me know and I'll issue you a 100% no hassle refund immediately, right on the spot. Plus the free bonuses are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

No Hassle- No Worry- No Conditions!

Do yourself a favor, you have got nothing to lose here. As a matter of fact, you are not the one who is taking the risk. I AM.

If you don't like what you see for any reason, you simply tell me and I will refund every penny that you have given me.

In fact, I am the one taking all the risk for you... So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass this up and don't give it a try!

I know this is better than risk free. I know this because I would NEVER sell a product to someone unless I am sure that they are getting more than 100 times the value of what they have paid for..

Go ahead and secure your access immediately...

Yes, Henry! I'm More Than Ready
To Get My Hands On This
Complete Package

YES! Please 'Rush Me' my private access of this incredible 400+ Package with Master Resale Rights for only $47 $10.

I can try all these breakthrough packages over the next 60 days at NO RISK to me. I understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason I am entitled to a full refund up to 60 days after my purchase - no questions asked.

"Please Send Me The Packages In The Next Five Minutes Via Private Access"

My purchase includes: (Private Access*)
  • Unlimited access to 337 Resale Right Products.
  • 57 Bonus Packages that I can't get it anywhere else.
  • 92 Turnkey Packages that I can use to repackage and resell them right now.
  • 2,000+ Special Reports that I can sell it on my website.
* You will also receive fast & friendly customer support, where each question will be answered within 24 hours or less.

I understand that I will also receive...
  • Resale Rights Massive Cash Secrets 2.0 by: Karen Garn
  • The Rebirth of Joint Venture 2.0 2.0 by: Eva Zahra
  • Make Quick Cash With Affiliate Marketing by: Monika Morley
  • Mastering Email Marketing 2.0 by: Sue McDonald
  • Free Affiliate Program site** that pays you 75% affiliate commission ($7.48) for every package you sale.
** We provide all tools and resources like: classified ads, solo ads, email announcements, banners, flyers, etc. All you need to do is to advertise in the appropriate places. That's all it takes.

Regular Price 47.00 Now $10

(You will receive Access Immediately, even if it is at 2 AM)

Success is yours,

Henry Gold, President
117Network, LLC.

=> Click Here to Join 100% Risk-Free

P.S. -- Let me refresh your memory again as to what you will receive when you purchase "'s" package. ( I have noted the amount that each product or service is worth, if purchased individually).

The's Total
Package consists of...

Section #1: These are 31 Resale Rights Products that I recently acquired. It's a must have package for starting your business online.

You'll receive every product including Resale Rights on each individual product, plus 10 More extra E-book Bonuses that you won't see anywhere else.

Click here to view packages on "Section 1"


Section #2: You will receive 27 Resale Rights Products that you can resell individually, plus 10 more E-book bonuses that I haven't disclosed.

Click here to view packages on "Section 2"


Section #3: Don't miss this one out!! You can find exactly 51 Resale Rights Products including FREE Resale Rights for each package... Surely, you don't want to miss it.

You'll receive these turnkey products including Resale Rights to each individual package, plus 10 More extra E-book bonuses yet to be disclosed!

Click here to view packages on "Section 3"


Section #4: You'll also receive 79 Resale Rights packages + 7 additional packages you can resell right away.....

PLUS 10 More extra E-book.

Click here to view packages on "Section 4"


Section #5: You'll also receive 112 resale rights packages including Resale Rights for each individual product, I know you don't want to miss this deal.

PLUS 10 More extra E-books.

Click here to view packages on "Section 5"


Special Section: You'll also receive 32 E-books with Master Resale Rights, 60 Turnkey Packages, and 2,000+ Special Reports that you can't get anywhere else. It's a total of 92 extra special bonuses.

PLUS 7 More extra E-books.

Click here to view packages on "Special Section"


4 Extra Bonuses (Limited Time Only)

Bonus #1: Resale Rights Massive Cash Secrets 2.0 by: Karen Garn (Value $97)

Bonus #2: The Rebirth of Joint Venture 2.0 2.0 by: Eva Zahra (Value $97)

Bonus #3: Make Quick Cash With Affiliate Marketing by: Monika Morley (Value $97)

Bonus #4: Mastering Email Marketing 2.0 by: Sue McDonald (Value $97)


Total Value of "" $20,896.00
Our Price: (99% off the actual Value)


For a very limited time, you will receive an additional $37 off. The private access will only be:


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P.P.S. -- Still not convinced that "Resale-Rights-Solution" is for you? Let me give you one more reason why you should own these 337 packages for only $47 $10.

"Resale Rights Solution" is not giving you just 10 E-books, 50 E-books, or even 100 e-books. We are giving you a total 337 Packages, 57 Brand New, 92 Turnkey Packages, and 2,000+ Special Reports. YES, you can resell each package and keep 100% profit from it.

It's a total of 399 Resale Rights packages, which includes 57 Bonus Packages, 2,000+ Special reports, and four extra bonuses (Worth $388).

If you calculate the price that you pay, divided by 456 products, we are talking about 2.1 cents for each product that you obtain from us... that's a TOTAL bargain for you.

Furthermore, you'll also receive 75% commission for affiliating with us. It means you will receive $7.48 per affiliate sale.

You will even receive all marketing tools to promote our product, so you can start making money online right away.

Where else can you receive this crazy offer?

In fact, you are not the one who is taking the risk. I AM. If you don't like what you see for any reason, just tell me and I will refund every penny that you have given me. Remember, we will raise the price very soon. It also means that once we have "enough takers", we will increase to $47 and remove all the additional bonuses you may receive.

Secure your access immediately...

Regular Price 47.00 Now $10

(You will receive Access Immediately, even if it is at 2 AM)

(Make sure you check out the special above, once we have enough "takers"
we'll increase the price right away.)


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